At Island Life Animal Hospital, we are fully equipped with an advanced in-house laboratory set-up as well as a partnership with an outside reference laboratory with a fast turn-around of laboratory results. Not only does this advanced diagnostic system assist us with pre-surgical testing, our veterinarians are also able to utilize these capabilities to treat our Internal Medicine case.  Inclusive of the gastrointestinal, hepatic, renal, endocrine, and urogenital system, our doctors are well-versed in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of companion animal acute and chronic diseases.

Our diagnostic workups include bloodwork that helps us detail a picture of your pet’s overall health including:

Checking for anemia, signs of infection, immune problems or evidence of blood clotting issues.
Blood Chemistry Profiles
Results paint an overall picture of organ function and/or damage to the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. These test results also check for blood sugar imbalances and electrolyte levels.
Profiling the specific gravity of the urine (concentration levels) when checking for infection, crystals, protein, or abnormal cells.